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About the Event

Building on the success of the first SDV Contribution Day, new contributions for open source projects related to the Eclipse Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) Working Group will be presented.

The event is open to any developer, product manager, architect, or business manager interested in topics related to the software defined vehicle.

The SDV Working Group mission is to foster collaboration across industries to create an open technology platform for the software defined vehicle of the future. The working group community has chosen a “code first” approach to facilitate more agile and faster time-to-market software development.

Information for onsite attendees

Thank you for making the SDV Contribution Day September 2022 a great success! This milestone would not be possible without the collective efforts of our dedicated community.


Thanks to Our Participating Member Companies

    Videos from our last SDV Contribution Day

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    SDV Contribution Day is organized by the Eclipse Software Defined Vehicle Working Group and hosted by T-Systems

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