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Help define SDV strategic themes and priorities


Gain an inside view of the technology roadmap and and influence its direction


Shape the definition, evolution, and execution of the specifications process


Participate in open collaboration through professionally managed development initiatives


Develop your team by building the next generation SDV applications


Build and sustain the SDV ecosystem


"As one of the leading software companies in the automotive industry, we are looking forward to the open cooperation in the Eclipse Foundation. Open source has long been a cevtral component in the automotive sector. We see great potential in the cooperation of the open source community for the software-driven car and also for our developers. We want to create innovations and set open standards together."

Michael Wintergerst, Executive Vice President for Vehicle and Cloud Platform, CARIAD

"We are glad to suport the 'code first' approach of Eclipse SDV by contributing Eclipse eCAL: a scalable middleware enabling efficient communication within distributed systems. Continental is looking forward to collaborating within the community to create innovative solutions for the Software-Defined Vehicle."

Michael Huelsewies, Head of Architecture and Software at Continental Automotive

"The first Eclipse SDV Contribution Day sets a major milestone on the road to an open-source software-defined vehicle ecosystem: first, we look forward to listening to the community's projects and are excited to present our two projects. Second, we welcome the growth of the community and the addition of new participants building an ecosystem for the software-defined vehicle. We are convinced that cross-company collaboration will lead to excellent results."

Cristoph Hartung, Chairman of the Board of Management of ETAS GmbH

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